Frequently Asked Questions

What is paddy rice?

The rice is harvested from the fields, and before it is milled, is known as paddy rice. The first stage of the milling is to remove the outer husk of the rice to produce brown rice. Brown rice can be further milled to move the grains to produce the white rice which is most commonly consumed in India.

How many different types of rice are there ?

The rice are grown across over 150,000,000 ha worldwide and more than 40,000 (approx.) varieties of cultivated rice are believed to exist. Over 117,000 samples of cultivated rice and wild species are stored at the International Rice Gene Bank, which aims to conserve rice genetic resources and improve the varieties of rice.

Where can I find your Products?

Our products are sold nationally in many natural food and co-op stores and also available at online stores (Flipkart & Snapdeal).

What does whole Grain mean?

Whole grain means that the germ and grain layer on the rice is left intact. All rice starts as a whole grain; when the germ and bran layer is removed, you can have a white rice. High percent of nutritional value in a grain of rice is within the germ and bran layer. This layer is most often brown (as in brown rice), but can also be red (as in Red Rice) and black .

Are your Products Glutten free?

Yes, all of our products are gluten and wheat free.

What Makes A Rice Aromatic?

“Aromatic” is a term given to various varieties of rice characterized by a pronounced floral or nutty, aroma and flavor. Jasmine Rice is one of the best-known aromatic varietals, although there are others, such as our Dehraduni Basmati and Forbidden Rice.

What is your product return policy?

If you purchase any product and are not absolutely satisfied with your purchase, for any reason, let us know by contacting us. We will definitely solve your problem as early as possible.

What does New Haryana Overseas do?

New Haryana Overseas is the leading manufacturer and supplier of different varieties of rice. We also have the numerous brands of our products which are known for their aroma and taste.

Where is New Haryana Overseas located?

Our headquarters are based in Ambala, Haryana.